The specialists training in relation to prosthetics in Ukrainian Rehabilitation Center of Afghanistan Veterans is carried out in accordance with the advanced programs and such fields of training as: upper, lower extremities prosthetics, silicone prosthetics.

Training is carried out at the newest facilities and equipment, corresponding to modern requirements. For the period of center existence over 90 highly professional specialists in various regions of Ukraine have been trained.

We have the possibility to hold advanced training technical seminars for prosthesists with involvement of teachers from Germany, Ireland and France under the following subject areas:

  • shin prosthesis production with liner;
  • shin prosthesis production with vacuum system “Harmony”;
  • thigh prosthesis production with application of SIT-CAST device;
  • thigh prosthesis production with liner;
  • shin prosthesis production for bathing;
  • thigh prosthesis production for bathing;;
  • production of orthopedic apparatus with application of unilateral hinges;
  • production of orthopedic apparatus for the whole leg with application of standard hinges;

Subject area of seminars can be varied in relation to the needs of a customer enterprise.