Modern prostheses of upper extremities are to restore lost functions of fingers, hands and arms. Ukrainian Center for Afghanistan Veterans Rehabilitation carries out prosthetics of fingers and hands. Depending on the type of trauma the doctor chooses the suitable prostheses, this can be either cosmetic, bioelectric and silicone prosthesis. Bioelectric prosthesis gives possibility to grip and hold required object. This allows person to use spoon, pen, phone. At the same time, cosmetic prosthetics of fingers solves esthetic problem. This task is also solved by silicone prosthetics. These prostheses can be produced with reference to the color of skin, form. They can be washed, covered with nail polish.

Bioelectric prosthesis contains electrodes, reading current, produced by muscles during their contraction, then they transfer it to the microprocessor and actuate the prosthesis. Prosthesis fulfills function of turning the hand, gripping and holding objects. At the same time bioelectric prosthesis allows using such tiny objects as ball pen, spoon, fork etc.

Latest modifications to bioelectric hands have special grasping force sensors in finger area. This allows taking such fragile objects, e.g. an egg or a glass of thin glass without fearing to break or smash them.

Hand prostheses, both cosmetic and traction working ones, are produced with application of module system. This is the appearance that module prostheses acquire as a result of individual production of cosmetic coverings. Module hand prostheses have the following advantages:

  • Various combination possibilities with application of standard parts
  • Composition of medical indications with prosthesis functions
  • Individual correction with application of simple adjusting
  • Modules replacement
  • Natural appearance, which prosthesis receives as a result of covering combination.

Electrically controlled hand prostheses, called «system MY0B0CK», as of today in most of the cases provide for prosthetics with high rehabilitation level. It combines both perfect cosmetic appearance with significant gripping force and the speed of its realization, as well as presents numerous possibilities or combinations for expansion of functions. With application of microelectronic technology bioelectric hand prostheses act more efficiently.

Hand prostheses are manufacture from silicone rubber for cosmetically functional prosthetics on amputation of hand, finger bones.