In case of loss of extremities you shouldn’t lose precious time, you’d better start prosthetics after legs, fingers and toes amputation as early as possible. Owing to modern technologies and great experience of specialists Ukrainian Rehabilitation Center of Afghanistan Veterans carries out prosthetics of toes, joints of lower extremities and prosthetics of leg above the knee level. The prices for prosthetics of lower extremities are rather various and are formed with a glance to each single case. After correctly chosen prosthesis the process of rehabilitation is started.

Prostheses of lower extremities, produced by Ukrainian Rehabilitation Center of Afghanistan Veterans , have module construction, allowing for combination of various components and to maximally meet individual needs of each patient: person with active way of life; a senior citizen with a brightly expressed need of stability and steadiness, sportsmen and children. Prostheses, produced by us, reproduce natural appearance to the maximum extent, they are safe and durable. The center has aggregated a great experience of complicated prosthetics.

The Center produces individual module prostheses at various levels of extremities amputation with a glance to the reason of the trauma and illnesses. The center also offers special means of protection and care of stump skin; stump covers of increased comfort.