Our specialists, depending on the level of amputation, produce prostheses of shins, toes, thighs, feet and the whole leg. Module prostheses are assembled from the accessories and regulating and connective units, which are selected for each person individually and are produced from light and firm materials.
In Ukrainian Rehabilitation Center of Afghanistan Veterans the orthopedists offer you the whole prosthetics complex: production and mounting of the newest leg prostheses, advice and further rehabilitation. The components of the prosthesis are chosen based on the active way of life of the patient, which shall allow not only walking, standing, but also going in for sports. In Kyiv you can order and buy any types of prostheses. You may get familiar with the list of prostheses of lower extremities, produced by us, and the price for their placing from our consultants on the phone; they shall answer any question, which interests you.

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