Cutaneous covering of people, using prostheses and orthesis, is subjected to especially high loads. Special protection and care for such skin are of great importance. Therapeutic complex Derma provides for necessary protection, contains no preserving agent, dyes and aromatizers being ideal means for restoration of damaged and sensitive skin.

Remedy for stump DERMA CLEAN
Gently cleans the skin, Ph-neutral, contains no alkaloids and phosphates, has anti-bacterial formulation.

Remedy for stump DERMA PREVENT
Prevents skin from formation of grazes and corns, prevents contact with external allergens, has obducing and protective properties, softens and moisturizes skin, prevents perspiration and odor formation.

Remedy for stump DERMA REPAIR
Restores damaged skin areas, calms irritated skin, has anti-bacterial property: improves skin resistance, improves elasticity, blood supply and provides for renovation of cutaneous covering.